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Publications 2023

Papers including work performed at the Genomics Platform

Alphabetical order of first authors names

  • Badaoui M, Sobolewski C, Luscher A, Bacchetta M, Köhler T, van Delden C, Foti M, Chanson M. Targeting HuR-Vav3 mRNA interaction prevents Pseudomonas aeruginosa adhesion to the cystic fibrosis airway epithelium. JCI Insight. 2023 Feb 8;8(3):e161961.  > Pubmed
  • Bassot A, Dragic H, Haddad SA, Moindrot L, Odouard S, Corlazzoli F, Marinari E, Bomane A, Brassens A, Marteyn A, Hibaoui Y, Petty TJ, Chalabi-Dchar M, Larrouquere L, Zdobnov EM, Legrand N, Tamburini J, Lincet H, Castets M, Yebra M, Migliorini D, Dutoit V, Walker PR, Preynat-Seauve O, Dietrich PY, Cosset É. Identification of a miRNA multi-targeting therapeutic strategy in glioblastoma. Cell Death Dis. 2023 Sep 25;14(9):630
  • Bouche A, Borner B, Richard C, Grand Y, Hannouche D, Laumonier T. In vitro-generated human muscle reserve cells are heterogeneous for Pax7 with distinct molecular states and metabolic profiles. Stem Cell Res Ther. 2023 Sep 8;14(1):243.
  • Carreras-Sureda A, Zhang X, Laubry L, Brunetti J, Koenig S, Wang X, Castelbou C, Hetz C, Liu Y, Frieden M, Demaurex N. The ER stress sensor IRE1 interacts with STIM1 to promote store-operated calcium entry, T cell activation, and muscular differentiation. Cell Rep. 2023 Dec 26;42(12):113540.
  • Dohnalkova M, Krasnykov K, Mendel M, Li L, Panasenko O, Fleury-Olela F, Vågbø CB, Homolka D, Pillai RS. Essential roles of RNA cap-proximal ribose methylation in mammalian embryonic development and fertility. Cell Rep. 2023 Jul 25;42(7):112786.
  • Dowling M, Homolka D, Raad N, Gos P, Pandey RR, Pillai RS. In vivo PIWI slicing in mouse testes deviates from rules established in vitro. RNA. 2023 Mar;29(3):308-316.
  • Findlay J, Sierra R, Raro OHF, Aires-de-Sousa M, Andrey DO, Nordmann P. Plasmid-mediated fosfomycin resistance in Escherichia coli isolates of worldwide origin. J Glob Antimicrob Resist. 2023 Dec;35:137-142.
  • Groelly FJ, Dagg RA, Mailler J, Halazonetis TD, Tarsounas M. High-resolution mapping of mitotic DNA synthesis under conditions of replication stress in cultured cells. STAR Protoc. 2023 Jan 3;4(1):101970. Online ahead of print.  > Pubmed
  • Horgue LF, Assens A, Fodoulian L, Marconi L, Tuberosa J, Haider A, Boillat M, Carleton A, Rodriguez I. Publisher Correction: Transcriptional adaptation of olfactory sensory neurons to GPCR identity and activity. Nat Commun. 2023 Mar 1;14(1):1156.
  • Köhler T, Luscher A, Falconnet L, Resch G, McBride R, Mai QA, Simonin JL, Chanson M, Maco B, Galiotto R, Riat A, Civic N, Docquier M, McCallin S, Chan B, van Delden C. Personalized aerosolised bacteriophage treatment of a chronic lung infection due to multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Nat Commun. 2023 Jun 27;14(1):3629. > Pubmed
  • Kutaish H, Tscholl PM, Cosset E, Bengtsson L, Braunersreuther V, Mor FM, Laedermann J, Furfaro I, Stafylakis D, Hannouche D, Gerstel E, Krause KH, Assal M, Menetrey J, Tieng V. Articular Cartilage Repair After Implantation of Hyaline Cartilage Beads Engineered From Adult Dedifferentiated Chondrocytes: Cartibeads Preclinical Efficacy Study in a Large Animal Model. Am J Sports Med. 2023 Jan;51(1):237-249.
  • Larrue C, Mouche S, Lin S, Simonetta F, Scheidegger NK, Poulain L, Birsen R, Sarry JE, Stegmaier K, Tamburini J. Mitochondrial fusion is a therapeutic vulnerability of acute myeloid leukemia. Leukemia. 2023 Apr;37(4):765-775.
  • Piskurewicz U, Sentandreu M, Iwasaki M, Glauser G, Lopez-Molina L. The Arabidopsis endosperm is a temperature-sensing tissue that implements seed thermoinhibition through phyB. Nat Commun. 2023 Mar 7;14(1):1202.
  • Petropoulos M, Champeris Tsaniras S, Nikou S, Maxouri S, Dionellis VS, Kalogeropoulou A, Karamichali A, Ioannidis K, Danalatos IR, Obst M, Naumann R, Delinasios GJ, Gorgoulis VG, Roukos V, Anastassiadis K, Halazonetis TD, Bravou V, Lygerou Z, Taraviras S. Cdt1 overexpression drives colorectal carcinogenesis through origin overlicensing and DNA damage. J Pathol. 2023 Jan;259(1):10-20.  > Pubmed
  • Ramzy GM, Norkin M, Koessler T, Voirol L, Tihy M, Hany D, McKee T, Ris F, Buchs N, Docquier M, Toso C, Rubbia-Brandt L, Bakalli G, Guerrier S, Huelsken J, Nowak-Sliwinska P. Platform combining statistical modeling and patient-derived organoids to facilitate personalized treatment of colorectal carcinoma. J Exp Clin Cancer Res. 2023 Apr 3;42(1):79.  > Pubmed
  • Roussel-Gervais A, Sgroi S, Cambet Y, Lemeille S, Seredenina T, Krause KH, Jaquet V. Genetic knockout of NTRK2 by CRISPR/Cas9 decreases neurogenesis and favors glial progenitors during differentiation of neural progenitor stem cells. Front Cell Neurosci. 2023 Dec 14;17:1289966.
  • Siedlar AM, Seredenina T, Faivre A, Cambet Y, Stasia MJ, André-Lévigne D, Bochaton-Piallat ML, Pittet-Cuénod B, de Seigneux S, Krause KH, Modarressi A, Jaquet V. NADPH oxidase 4 is dispensable for skin myofibroblast differentiation and wound healing. Redox Biol. 2023 Apr;60:102609.
  • Wang C, Barnoud C, Cenerenti M, Sun M, Caffa I, Kizil B, Bill R, Liu Y, Pick R, Garnier L, Gkountidi OA, Ince LM, Holtkamp S, Fournier N, Michielin O, Speiser DE, Hugues S, Nencioni A, Pittet MJ, Jandus C, Scheiermann C. Dendritic cells direct circadian anti-tumour immune responses. Nature. 2023 Feb;614(7946):136-143.

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