In order to guide users in the choice of the appropriated technology depending on the question, technologies are presented in this section according to the applications point of view.

For each listed application, several technologies are available on the Platform. The two main parameters determining the choice of the technology are the following.

  • The scale of data point required: for each application, we propose a range of available technologies, going from very high throughput to low throughput (until single target analysis). This magnitude of data is represented by a gradient.
  • An other primordial parameter is that NGS is the only "open" system meaning that we can detect unknown sequences (no sequence information required).

Following is a non exhaustive list of applications.

Available technologies
Throughput evolution
Gene expression

(mRNA, miRNA, ncRNA, new RNAs ...)

NGS - Microarrays (Affymetrix) - NanoString - Q-PCR
DNA sequencing

(whole genome, exome, custom targets)

NGS - Microarrays (Illumina) - PCR
NGS - Microarrays (Illumina)
ChIP analysis
NGS - Microarrays (Affymetrix) - NanoString - Q-PCR
Microarrays (Illumina) - NanoString - Q-PCR
Throughput evolution

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