Publications 2003 - 2010

Publications 2010

Papers including work performed at the Genomics Platform

Alphabetical order of first authors names

  • Cederroth CR, Zimmermann C, Beny JL, Schaad O, Combepine C, Descombes P, Doerge DR, Pralong FP, Vassalli JD, Nef S. Potential detrimental effects of a phytoestrogen-rich diet on male fertility in mice. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2010 Jun 10;321(2):152-60.  > Pubmed
  • De Cegli R, Romito A, Iacobacci S, Mao L, Lauria M, Fedele AO, Klose J, Borel C, Descombes P, Antonarakis SE, di Bernardo D, Banfi S, Ballabio A, Cobellis G. A mouse embryonic stem cell bank for inducible overexpression of human chromosome 21 genes. Genome Biol. 2010;11(6):R64.  > Pubmed
  • Gruaz L, Delucinge-Vivier C, Descombes P, Dayer JM, Burger D. Blockade of T cell contact-activation of human monocytes by high-density lipoproteins reveals a new pattern of cytokine and inflammatory genes. PLoS One. 2010 Feb 25;5(2):e9418.  > Pubmed
  • Hübner NC, Wang LH, Kaulich M, Descombes P, Poser I, Nigg EA. Re-examination of siRNA specificity questions role of PICH and Tao1 in the spindle checkpoint and identifies Mad2 as a sensitive target for small RNAs. Chromosoma. 2010 Apr;119(2):149-65.  > Pubmed
  • Lubomirov R, di Iulio J, Fayet A, Colombo S, Martinez R, Marzolini C, Furrer H, Vernazza P, Calmy A, Cavassini M, Ledergerber B, Rentsch K, Descombes P, Buclin T, Decosterd LA, Csajka C, Telenti A; Swiss HIV Cohort Study. ADME pharmacogenetics: investigation of the pharmacokinetics of the antiretroviral agent lopinavir coformulated with ritonavir. Pharmacogenet Genomics. 2010 Apr;20(4):217-30.  > Pubmed
  • Rauch A, Kutalik Z, Descombes P, Cai T, Di Iulio J, Mueller T, Bochud M, Battegay M, Bernasconi E, Borovicka J, Colombo S, Cerny A, Dufour JF, Furrer H, Günthard HF, Heim M, Hirschel B, Malinverni R, Moradpour D, Müllhaupt B, Witteck A, Beckmann JS, Berg T, Bergmann S, Negro F, Telenti A, Bochud PY; Swiss Hepatitis C Cohort Study; Swiss HIV Cohort Study. Genetic variation in IL28B is associated with chronic hepatitis C and treatment failure: a genome-wide association study. Gastroenterology. 2010 Apr;138(4):1338-45, 1345.e1-7.  > Pubmed
  • Rotger M, Dang KK, Fellay J, Heinzen EL, Feng S, Descombes P, Shianna KV, Ge D, Günthard HF, Goldstein DB, Telenti A; Swiss HIV Cohort Study; Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology. Genome-wide mRNA expression correlates of viral control in CD4+ T-cells from HIV-1-infected individuals. PLoS Pathog. 2010 Feb 26;6(2):e1000781.  > Pubmed
  • Yokthongwattana C, Bucher E, Caikovski M, Vaillant I, Nicolet J, Mittelsten Scheid O, Paszkowski J. MOM1 and Pol-IV⁄V interactions regulate the intensity and specificity of transcriptional gene silencing. EMBO J. 2010 Jan 20;29(2):340-51.  > Pubmed

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