Other equipment

2100 Bioanalyzer and 2200 TapeStation

We routinely use the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer and 2200 TapeStation for quality control of total, messager or small RNA and of DNA samples before any application. Using electrophoresis technologies (in capillaries for the 2100 instrument), these instruments rapidly inform about RNA integrity and DNA size fragments in a quantitative way, using much less material compared to traditional electrophoresis gel.

QuBit Flex fluorimeter

In order to quantify very low quantities of material (e.g. FACS-sorted cells, ChIP material, ...), the Genomics Platform is equipped with the QuBit Flex fluorimeter from Invitrogen. This instrument is able to quantify with high precision and sensitivity nucleic acids in solutions without prior purification of the samples, using fluorescent specific dyes for RNA or DNA.


The Covaris technology is based on the Adaptive Focused Acoustic (AFA) process established as the DNA shearing method, the first step in the preparation of NGS DNA sequencing libraries. It ensures the integrity of nucleic acid samples providing high recovery of double-stranded DNA. This technology allows to precisely and accurately fragment DNA and RNA from 100 bp to 5 kb.

Pipetting robots

  • Three Freedom EVO from Tecan.
Tecan Freedom EVO 150

 Tecan Freedom EVO 150
 Photo Tecan

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